Eine Stellungnahme des WBDJ

The World Federation of Democratic Youth strongly condemns the violent repression done by the police authorities of authorities of the province of Catalonia against the young people camping in the center of the city of Barcelona, in protest against the Government’s policies and for the rights of the youth.

As it is of public knowledge, over the last week, the Spanish young people (together with other layers of the Spanish working movement) have been staying camped in squares all over the country. With different backgrounds and broad aims, it is for us important to highlight that the persistent struggle of these thousands of young people has a general progressive content: against precariousness and unemployment, for solutions that put the workers and youngsters first and not the banks and economic groups, as it has been done by the dominating classes over the last decades, and thereby in a way questioning the ruling economic and political system foundations and principles themselves.

The repression that the Spanish young people have suffered in Barcelona – that has caused 121 wounded – and in Lleida is a sign that the system does not deal well with the protest and struggle and is ready to use any means to shut it down, if the most peaceful are proved insufficient or inefficient. The repression is an attempt to stop the deepening of the political character and widespread of the movement to other areas than just the camps.

WFDY encourages the Spanish young people to keep their persistent struggle and take it even further so that it can be organized and politicized to a level that is able to meet the true expectations and needs of all the Spanish young people.