Dear comrades,
The decisive element, tha impressioned the mighty impulse to the partisan movement in Europe, is always the Soviet one. The sublime example of the young, of the women, of the old people, of the entire population of Soviet Union, who didn’t bow their heads, who didn’t despair, who gaves no repite and blows to the enemy everywhere, aroused enthusiasm and admiration of the people fighting against fascism and the emulation of national forces in every occupied country. The Soviet Union, not only, was the force that beat and crushed the Nazis armies, bringing the decisive political, military, human contribution to the liberation of the peoples of Europe, fallen under the fascists tyrants, but gave to all partisans the example of how it’s possible to fight for the defense and reconquest of freedom. The partisans were encouraged to take up arms, to fight the fear of an enemy that seemed unbeatable. If yesterday we talked about Resistance, during the seminar, we have to remember the most important one, where partisans worked in close contact and in collaboration with the red army.

For how much the EU and the apologists of capitalism want to rewrite history, putting the landing in Normandy before the heroic battle of Stalingrad, the supreme symbol of Soviet suffering and heroism where one million out of 2.5 people died, we don’t forget the orders signed by leaders of the Wehrmacht. Keitel and partners: we don’t forget the decree “of the commissioner” in the 8th June 1941, which ordered the execution of the communist “political commisioners” of the Red Army; the order “not to take prisoners” which caused the execution of 600.000 war’s prisoners; let us not forget Reichenau when he signed the order of “definitive extermination of the jewish-bolshevik system”, let us not forget the 3.3 million war’s prisoners, that is more than ⅔ of the total, who sUffered in 1941-1942 the “prommed death” fo fame and thirsts, typhus, slave labor. let us not forget the prisoners classified as “fantic communists”, delivered by the Wehrmacht to the SS, who became the guinea pigs of the first gasification with the Zyklon B at Auschwitz in 1941 and in Mauthausen in 1942, with
the instant elimination of 208 soviet prisoners.

Dear comrades,
Today the historiography, its mutation caused by the dominant thought in last thirty years, is focused to the public slander of the USSR. Our manuals equating Nazism and Communism, outclass the eastern european historians recycled in the West. It is up to us to say with determination and clarity, to the proletarian youth that truth is always revolutionary!
The blood flows again, monstrous atrocities are commited again. It seems, for the worker the war isn’t over continue but in different form. The war progressed by the soviet people defeated the force of imperialism, fascism, was the bloodiest of the class struggle between capital and labor, which continues without interruption and it can end only with the conquest of the communist society