We denounce to the young people, to the peoples of the entire world, the ongoing crime of US-NATO-Israel against the Palestinian people. The US decision to declare Jerusalem as „the capital of Israel“ and to relocate there their embassy from Tel Aviv, as well as the EU’s unchanging stance, which equates the „perpetrator“ with the „victim“, paves the way for a new imperialist crime. This provocative action by the US government is not a casual act, but it is part of the general intervention plans of the US in the region of Middle East aiming to secure their interests. The aim is to cancel the solution of the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as capital, for what the Palestinian people have struggled and shed their blood for so many years. In that way, intervention is taking place, and developments in favour of USA and its allies are being prepared concerning the in the uncertain situation that is formed in the Middle East, especially after the defeat of the „Islamic State“ in Syria, while taking into account the context of fierce competition that takes place in the region.
We denounce the repression of the struggle of the Palestinian people by the Israeli state, which, along with the support of the United States, is already intensifying barbarism. The just reaction of the Palestinian people to this decision is being confronted with murders of protesters, arrests and persecutions. The Israeli repression forces do not hesitate even to contend with children and adolescents, such as the two teenagers who were murdered in early of January, as well as the 16-year-old Ahed Tammimi, who is being prosecuted by Israeli military court for her action against the occupation.
We welcome the thousands of Palestinian youth who fight courageously against the barbarity of the Israeli state for something obvious, their right to live in their home country without foreign oppressors.

The struggle that is carried out in our countries, against the injustice, poverty, oppression and the imperialist war, is an international struggle, a struggle that contains solidarity with the struggle of the peoples against injustice and oppression in all over the world.

We call every young man and woman, in our countries, to condemn the ongoing crime against the Palestinian people and to denounce the new intensification of barbarity. To decisively condemn the torment of the entire Palestinian people, the violence exerted by the State of Israel keeping thousands of political prisoners, constructing the wall of shame, continuing the settlements and the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories.

We call Communist Youth Organization, other anti-imperialist organizations, mass organizations of youth from all over the world on the day of international common action of solidarity with the people of Palestine on 12/03. We coordinate our action; with various activities we give an internationalist response to the imperialist plans!

We demand:

  • An independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital;
  • Withdrawal of the Israeli army from all occupied territories of 1967, including the Golan Heights and the Sebah District of South Lebanon;
  • The end of settlements and the withdrawal of the settlers who have been settled within the Palestinian territories defined by the borders of 1967, the releasing of all the political prisoners and the returning of the refugees.
  • We demand the cancelation of any political and military agreement between our governments and Israel, and the immediate recognition of the Palestinian state by them.


Signed by the following Communist Youth Organizations:

  1. Communist Youth of Algerian Party For democracy and Socialism, JC – PADS
  2. Communist Youth of Austria, KJÖ
  3. Bangladesh Youth Union, BYU
  4. Bangladesh Students Union, BSU
  5. Communist Youth of Bolivia, JCB
  6. Communist Youth Union, UJC– Brazil
  7. Young Socialists of Croatia
  8. Communist Youth Union, KSM – Czech Republic
  9. Communist Youth of Denmark, UngKom
  10. Communist Youth of Ecuador, JCE
  11. Union of Communist Youth, UJC – France
  12. Young Communists Movement of France, MJCF
  13. Socialist German Workers Youth, SDAJ
  14. Red Youth – Great Britain
  15. Young Communist League of Britain – Great Britain
  16. Communist Youth of Greece, KNE
  17. Communist Youth of Guatemala, JCG
  18. Workers Party Youth – Ireland
  19. Connolly Youth Movement, CYM – Ireland
  20. Young Communist League of Israel, YCLI
  21. Front of Communist Youth, FGC – Italy
  22. Jordanian Democratic Youth Union, UJDY
  23. Communist Youth of Jordan
  24. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  25. Federation of Young Communists, FJC – Mexico
  26. Communist Youth Movement, CJB – Netherlands
  27. Democratic Students Federation – Pakistan
  28. Communist Youth of Pakistan
  29. Youth of Communist Party of Poland
  30. Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks), RKSMb – Russia
  31. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation, LKSM RF
  32. Young Communist League of Yugoslavia, SKOJ – Serbia
  33. Young Communist League of South Africa, YCLSA
  34. Collectives of Young Communists, CJC – Spain
  35. Communist Youth Union of Spain, UJCE
  36. Communist Youth of Catalonia, JCC
  37. Socialist Youth Union, SYU – Sri Lanka
  38. Socialist Students Union, SSU – Sri Lanka
  39. Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khaled Bakdash Youth, SCYU-KBY
  40. Communist Youth of Turkey, TKG