Dear comrades,

The Central Committee of the Communist Youth of Austria sends fraternal greetings and congratulations to the delegates of the 10th Congress and all the members of the Collectives of Young Communists (CJC).

The Theme “¡UNA ORGANIZACIÓN PARA QUE SUENE EN PRESENTE LA PALABRA REVOLUCIÓN!” is very important as it reflects the necessity of a revolutionary praxis of a coummunist youth organization We are confident that the CJC will stand up to the responsibilities and duties as it is based on the revolutionary theory of Marxism-Leninism. The KJÖ always watched closely the development of your organization. We study your experience in organizing the youth and the struggle of the youth at the workplaces, the schools and the universities. Your struggle is encouraging for our youth.

Like in Spain the situation of the youth in Austria is also worsening and the attacks of the bourgeois class, which is enforcing politics against the interest of the youth and working class in Austria. During the elections of the representatives of the Universities In this spring we are trying to organize the revolutionary youth with campaigning of a movement from below instead of a small elite of students ruling and addressing problems of the restructuring of the universities as well as rapidly rising living costs. The election campaign is based on initiatives like the Democratic Initiative Politics Science which we founded at the University of Vienna. Above that we are organize the struggle against the 12-hour day and the 60-hour week. The KJÖ is trying to build up a strong youth front against the plans of capital and monopoly groups.

We wish your 10th Congress of the Youth (CJC) fruitful deliberations and great success, and we look forward to strengthening the fraternal relations between our organizations in the period ahead.

Long live proletarian solidarity!

Long live Marxism-Leninism!

Long live the CJC!

Madrid, 01.03.2019